February 6, 2020


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Gladys Shollei downplays “Indecent accusations”

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Gladys refused to take any question from the media in the five-minute media address on Friday Night in Eldoret.

An emotional Gladys Shollei addressed the media in a five-minute presser refusing to take any question from the media. The Uasin Gishu Woman Representative came our to deny what she termed as improper character in the images circulating on social media showing her with another caucasian man who appears like he is well in his 50s in at least one of the well lit headshot photo of them smiling and embracing.
The legislator and her former husband Sam Shollei divorced a few days ago after Chief Magistrate PN Gesora dissolved their 25 year marriage on January 8 at Milimani Commercial Courts.

“It is my considered view it’s highly unlikely that they will get back together and perform spousal duties as envisaged by law and vows they took when they got married. It is only fair that their relationship be terminated and parties allowed to move on with their lives. I allow the petition and order the marriage be dissolved forthwith,” Gesora said.

According to details of the divorce papers, the divorce was initiated by Sam Shollei on September 6, 2019, who told the court the couple had been living apart for four years.
Sam Shollei the former Standard Group executive later got engaged to Faith Ronoh who hails from Chepkorio, Elgeyo Marakwet few days after the divorce was passed.
The couple had their invites only ‘koito’ (Kalenjin traditional engagement ceremony) on Friday, January 10, 2020.

Gladys Boss Shollei, who is also the Uasin Gishu Woman Representative, was seen in several photos having a good time with the Caucasian man in several places. The man is seen holding the legislator romantically and they seem to have even been on a holiday in one of the photos.
Immediately the photos went viral, Kenyans have been asking questions about the new “flame” Mzungu.

Gladys refused to take any question from the media in the five-minute media address on Friday Night in Eldoret. She claimed that her character and image have been assasinated by a person well known to her.

“I will never respond to them or do the same to them because I was never raised to be an evil person,” Said Shollei.

Shollei said that there is a deliberate and sustained effort to damage her reputation and her credibility as an individual and a leaeder in Kenya. She said no amount of smear campaign would deter her from serving the people of Uasin Gishu and the country.

“Those photos out there reveal no improper conduct on my part. And in terms of using them to destroy me I believe that no human being can destroy me unless my God wills it or if they are God which they are not,” said an almost teary Shollei.

The Woman Representative insisted that Silence Is her best response to the attack and that she will remain focused and never look at the fire.

“I thank God that I attended the ‘walking on fire training’ which require me to stay focused and never look at the fire which can consume me and therefore I shall not be consumed,” she said.
The harder question though still remains how the photos ended up online and why the legislator would never push for charges against the violation of her image as she claims. The situation has got a good deal of kenyans sympathizing with her and what others call “deserved” criticism of the leader.

“I know that a lot of people I represent may have faced the same or will face it in future and that is why I will remain undeterred,” she said.

Shollei insists that she shall remain true to the work she is supposed to do to take care of her children and work for her electorate.

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