May 10, 2021


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Dear Governor WW,
I hope this letter finds you on a full scale of what well and good living is all about. Am well from my end but my soul is deeply troubled by what’s going on in our beloved county number 039,also known as Bungoma. My concern stems from the previous regime which earned our county the ‘Wheelbarrow’ moniker afforded to us by your predecessor KLM.

I had so much hope and faith that you were certainly going to obliterate the wrong tagging that our county got but unfortunately we have gotten another rather ugly sobriquet of ‘Jerrycan county’ . My question is, how long are we going to be referred to as the “county of many rare firsts”? What was your operational blueprint about? The health docket seems to be the anchor sector that ought to have solidified your legacy, why are you not getting the feelers in good time about people sabotaging your efforts? (if only your have no clue about what goes on in your county ministries)

Did you entirely hire your workforce basing on a ‘political reward’ scheme or you pegged your hiring on meritocracy? (If it’s on meritocracy,you went way off the mark) Was cronyism a factor in coming up with your cabinet? As the overall personnel that plays oversight on your county executive team, haven’t you seen anything awry for the last four years you’ve been at the helm of Bungoma leadership?

Your Excellency, I thought your actuarial expertise will come in handy in calculating the risks vis a vis the benefits with a direct proportionate to the great people of Bungoma county,the same way you meticulously steered your sector at Alexander Forbes, what went a miss? Is the disbursement from the treasury for the four consecutive years helpful at all or we should plea with the senator to lobby for more allocation for the county? ( Only if you have beyond every available reasonable doubts demonstrated that the funds have been insufficient all along)

My great governor, are you by any chance struggling with a political baggage (some people you hired at the direction of a political figure you owed perhaps) Something that ties your hands in case you want to crack a whip on lazy souls in your cabinet but thinking about your beholden political debt, you feel helpless and give up?

How beautifully are your major flagship projects coming off,read dual carriage way and industrial park in Webuye? I might not be fully in the know on how things work but just a question, does the dual carriage way fall within your mandate? If so, was it a priority? And after it’s commencement, how have the lives of your people affected? Positively or negatively?

Your Excellency, how about the lives of your people in Bumula constituency,who are forced to contend with diseases because your government decided to make their homes a dumpsite? How often do you do appraisal on your officers particularly the health docket? Are the great people of Bungoma getting absolute value for money leadership under your rule?

My Governor, unconfirmed reports have it that you together with other prominent political figures are busy working on building a political outfit, probably for 2022 elections, could this be one of the reasons your grip on Bungoma leadership has slackened? For how long as a county are we going to be referred to as the laughing stock of the nation?

County chief, why can’t you see that your employees are deliberately setting you up for failure? Many of them harbor political ambitions, something that drives them to loot at any given opportunity for 2022 purposes knowing that they have a smart actuarial scientist who’ll fill up the books and cover their tracks, ( but legally you’re the chief accounting officer of Bungoma domain) does your looking the other side in the wake of graft and financial turmoil in our county suggest that you’re part of the celebratory banquet? What has been your redemptive master plan to salvage the sinking ship of Bungoma?

I have a lot of questions to ask but please take my unsolicited admonishment, when you see the number of critical growing,please don’t take solace in your staff, because they could be part of the scheme to leave you with a rotten egg on your face, instead reach out to those critics and let them genuinely point you to where the problem is. I’ve run out of ink and papers let me go look for more,but in the meantime,this is my most innate letter that you should consider.

Your’s the Concerned Bungoman
Godrey Barasa Were
(Socio-Geo-Politico Analyst

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