Police in Busia County have arrested criminals who have been robbing and terrorising residents in nambale town. Following the spate of robberies and murders that have rocked the town in Busia county, an undercover team of detectives has arrested the main suspects and recovered crucial exhibits, related to the crimes.

According to DCI, two main suspects and a pastor were arrested after a four-day sting operation that was conducted to put to an end the escalating crime wave that had bedeviled the town.

Maviala Shisanya, 34, Xavior Ojuma, 32 and the man of the cloth Nicholas Mabiala 32, were arrested 2 days ago in Bungoma town and whisked to Nambale Police station for further interrogation.

Yesterday, the suspects led detectives to their hideout where an assortment of goods stolen from robbery victims was recovered. The goods included music systems, gas cylinders, mobile phones among other valuables suspected to have been stolen.

A 24-year-old woman who was found with a 6kg gas cylinder and a music system believed to have been stolen was also arrested for handling stolen property.

The suspects are currently being processed to face robbery with violence charges.

Meanwhile, a man was yesterday stoned to death by an angry mob in Nambale town, after he attempted to sell a chicken and five chicks that he had carefully concealed in a gunnysack.

Collins Omieno, 22, lost his life in the most unorthodox manner, after he failed to prove ownership of the chicken, argued to be the region’s most sought after delicacy.

In the ensuing melee as he tried to prove ownership, word came that some chicken had earlier been stolen in a nearby centre. When Omieno learnt that he had been cornered, he took to his heels as the angry mob chased after him baying for his blood. He ran for dear life for about two kilometres, but the mob pursuing him was unrelenting! They wanted him dead.

Upon reaching cotton ginnery grounds, the crowd caught up with Omieno who was already worn out and could run no more. They descended on him with blows, kicks and all manner of projectiles that they could get hold on, killing him on the spot.

Police are now calling on members of the public to desist to desist from taking the law into their own hands and report such cases to law enforcement officers, for due process to be followed.

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